Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Forecast is shitty

I'm going to keep this entry pretty short, as I'm fucking tired.
but anywho, this one is about Shitstorm, grindcore band from Florida that played one of the most intense sets I have ever seen. Crowd was way into it, and the lead singer and drummer were fucking amazing.
Fucking Grind
also check out their myspace, and they also have a BLOG
but get your shit together and check these guys out if you couldn't make it out

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mass Grave, Oh god yeah

Canada is awesome, they have great beer, great outdoors, great hockey (players, their teams all suck) and great fucking punk bands. so far three have come through ILM(Mass Grave, Contagium and Napalm Raid) and all of them have fucking ruled. This post is all about (if you couldn't guess from the title):
Mass Grave, the twin tower singing crusty grind fucks played here a couple months back and absolutely destroyed with a great show. Having two lead singers both over 6 foot and raging out to a mix of short crusty grind songs. Great time. They also really like Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade. Or at least the roadie did.

Mass Grave split with Storm Crow (another awesome band that was supposed to play but something happened and it didn't happen)
get in touch with them here and follow Lenny and his blog there

and remember... DON'T TRIP DICK I GOT YOU

either band object to having a link to this then let me know and i'll take it down

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blood Bomber

Coming up i'll be posting some stuff about bands that have played here in the past showcasing their tunes, in no real particular order. Also, DL if you want, buy it if ya like it. Also, if any of the bands stumble across this and have a problem with their music being online, let me know and i'll remove it.
but anyway
Blood Bomber

Philly Melodic Punks.
Blood Bomber S/T 2009

oh and if somethings fucked up with the media fire let me know (or if you know how to upload stuff better than i do and would like that would also be appreciated.

Updated schedule/Month of October

shortly I'll be posting links to bands that have played here and are our good friends, but right now I'm just putting up the schedule for the October shows. They should all be donation based, unless you are under 21 where it'll be something like a 2$ surrcharge. Except Hellshock/Age but they should be kept pretty low too.

so here is for the month of October, still some local bands need to be added but so far it looks like this:
October 2nd. Wilmington NC. TBA. Donation + $2 under 21
Holy Dirt (Wilmington DE)

October 10/11th. Wilmington NC. TBA.. Donation + $2 under 21
Deadhorse (PA)
Unholy Tongues (?)

Oct. 15th. Wilmington NC. TBA. Donation + $2 under 21
Windhand (RVA, members of facedowninshit, ATP)
No Tomorrow

October 17th. Wilmington NC. TBA. Donation + $2 under 21
Led To the Grave (Boston MA thrashmetal)
Rictus Grim
Children of the Reptile

October 22nd, Wilmington NC. TBA. Donation + $2 under 21
Streetwalkers (Seattle)
M.K.F. (?)

OCTOBER 26TH, WILMINGTON NC!!!!!!!. The soapbox. $8/$10 Show starts at 8
No Tomorrow