Friday, August 31, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012



August 12th.  The Soapbox.  6pm.  Donation.  Scum (Detroit), Last Words (Raleigh), No Tomorrow
August 22nd. Reggies 42nd st. Party Time, Morte De Metano, Colossal Abyss
September 8th.  The Soapbox.  Oitanker, No Tomorrow + more.
September 14th.  Reggies 42nd st. $8. Vektor (Arizona), Grohg, Morte De Metano
September 24th. La Armada (Chicago), No Tomorrow, S.O.L.
September 30th.  Matinee.  Inservibles (Mexico), Lotus Fucker (DC), No Tomorrow + more.
October 7th.  Benefit Show.
October 21st.  Cop Problem, + more
November 17th............