Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hudson Falcons - Street Punk FTW

Street punk in Wilmington, NC staying alive with Hudson Falcons playing very soon:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wilmington's Really Really Free Market & Food Not Bombs!


12pm-2pm sharp

Greenfield Lake Park under the picnic tables.

Wilmington's Really Really Free Market


Food Not Bombs!

Lots of needed items this time of year:
Blankets,cold weather food,water,games for children,ANYTHING.

VOLUNTEERS-please come help even if you don't think you have anything to give-we can still use your help and support.

Wilmington's Free Market:
Bring everything usable from housewares to games,clothing,haircuts,blankets,and everything you can think-all for FREE. This is not a barter or trade-everything is free.

Food Not Bombs:
To provide free Vegan and Vegetarian meals to the hungry.
Food is a right not a privilege.
You are welcome to bring any and all vegan or vegetarian dishes,produce,etc to give away for free.
It's cold out right now,so if you are able to bring some warm weather dishes that would be awesome! But anything you have is welcome.

We meet under the picnic tables by the water where the ducks are(near the childrens park and skatepark).

We could DESPERATELY use some help especially during these cold winter months. Even if you think you have nothing to give you can help us out with set up,etc.

Thanks,Steph and Chris Hart

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

List of DIY Hardcore shows in Wilmington

January 25th - Jucifer (their van), Colossal Abyss, No Tomorrow @ Reggies 42nd st Tavern 
Febuary 15th - Pissbath (TN), Half-Mast, No Tomorrow @ the Soapbox
March 8th - Olde Shame (RVA) + More @ venue TBA 

April 7th - Lost Tribe (RVA), No Tomorrow, + More.
April 28th - State Poison (France), No Tomorrow, 15 Min. Roadkillexplosion + 1 more @ The Soapbox

June 16th - Stone Titan (CT), Shadows (Raleigh), + more @ venue tba