Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Hardcore fliers

DIY Hardcore Punk shows in Wilmington, NC !!!

List of Wilmington, NC punk shows

December 2nd. Wilmington NC. Wilmington Street Art House. Lapse (Baltimore punk/HxC/Grind), Eddie Brock (Baltimore, mean ass HxC/Grind). $5 donation. 730pm.
December 3rd. Greensboro NC. Glenwood Coffee, Priapus, Old Painless, Born Hollow, Violent Ends, Pain & Panic, $5, 8PM
December 10th. Raleigh NC. The Axe Manor. Mutilation Rites (Brooklyn Blackened Metal/Crust), No Tomorrow, Old Painless. $5 donation. 630pm.
December 10th. Charlotte NC. Sewercide. Organs (NYC raw garage punk), No Power (CLT Raw ponx), Joint Damage (Gism meets Wipers?). $$$. 10pm.
December 11th. Wilmington NC. The Soapbox (venue). Mauser (Florida), No Tomorrow, DIS, Sunlight Alumni
December 19th. Charlotte. Snug Harbour. Double Negative, Bukkake Boys (ATL), Manic (ATL), Joint Damage
December 20th. Charlotte. The Milestone (venue). Mauser (Florida), Joint Damage, No Power

Past DIY Punk Wilmington, NC shows

Hey sorry, here's some DIY punk shows I forgot to update the blog with, they are all in Wilmington, NC: