Friday, December 30, 2011

Upcoming shows:

January 6th. Wilmington Street Art House. 8pm. Donation. War Graves (RVA), No Tomorrow (tour kickoff show).
January 16th. The Soapbox. 8pm. Donation. Curmudgeon (Boston PV), No Tomorrow, Sunlight Alumni
February 18th. The Soapbox. 3pm Matinee. Donation. Chaos Destroy (DC), Merciless Game, No Tomorrow
February 29th. The Soapbox. 8pm. Donation. Catheter (killer Denver grind), Old Painless, No Tomorrow.
March 4th. Balaclava (RVA, now on Southern Lord), No Tomorrow + more tba.
April 8th. Sun and Setting (FL), + More tba.