Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No Turning Back Gig info!!!

No Turning Back Gig vol I

November 17th, 2012

Wilmington, NC

@ The Soapbox, 255 N. Front St.

Tickets $10 adv. $12 day of (not on sale yet though)
Here's a rough sketch of the lineiup

Common Enemy (PA) 12:45-1:30
Inter Arma (VA) 12:00-12:45
Mortal Man 11:15-12:00
Last Words (Raleigh) 10:30-11:15
15 Min. Roadkill Explosion 9:45-10:30
No Tomorrow 9:00-9:45
Abuse (Raleigh) 8:30-9:00
Beard Of Antlers 7:45-830
D.I.S. 7:15-7:45
Mad Dog (Raleigh) 6:45-7:15
Lazy Janes (Raleigh) 6:15-6:45
Familiar Eyes 5:45-6:15
Half-Mast 5:15-5:45

Common Enemy-
Sick skate thrash! Not to be missed, they played a wild show 2 years ago. I've had friends asking for them to come back. They were one of Ross's favorite bands and I'm having them headline this show in his honor. For fans of Anthrax, Spazz, JFA.


Inter Arma (RVA)-
After just signing to Relapse this band is one of our favorites from Richmond. They play an intense and complex metal that includes all sorts of bad-ass influences. For fans of early Kylesea, King Crimson and Darkthrone.


Mortal Man (ILM)-
Known perhaps as Wilmington's most mighty and epic metal band they incorporate early doom and NWOBHM with loud, clean vocals.


Last Words (Raleigh)-
Sick, fast, insane hardcore from Raleigh. Their singer is absolutely ferocious, the guitar and bass incredibly fast, and the drumming inhuman. For fans of Punch, SSD, Minor Threat.


15 Min. Roadkill Explosion (ILM)-
A one-man insane explosion of punk and noise. William blew my own mind out 13 years ago and expect to have yours blown too. Possibly followed by a mystery set by a local band which cannot yet be confirmed.

No Tomorrow (ILM)-
The Wilmington punks who set this shit up. We have some records out. Please see us. We like Discharge, Anti-Cimex and Septic Death.


Abuse (Raleigh)-
In the great tradition of Raleigh hardcore this band plays intense, heavy grind/powerviolence with precise drumming, biting vocals, and demented guitar and bass lines. For fans of Infest, Iron Lung, Drop Dead.


Beard of Antlers (ILM)-
This band plays top-notch, completely pissed doom and they create their own sound while borrowing influences from only the greats. Think of shit like Electric Wizard, Crowbar and Black Sabbath.


These dudes... Wilmington's finest playing old-school thrash metal with a slight hint of hardcore ala Crow Mags, DRI and early Anthrax.

Mad Dog (Raleigh)-
Three piece grind/powerviolence that absolutely shreds. They posses one of North Carolina's most insane drummers, he's totally a personal favorite of mine and with their buzzsaw guitar and scorching vocals thiis band totally has it together. For fans of Crossed Out, Siege, Magrudergrind.


Lazy Janes (Raleigh)-
These girls play great rock and roll in the vein of some of my favorite bands- The Wipers, The Spits and Dead Moon. Dark, brooding rock and roll. Their last show in Wilmington proved them to be an extremely legit force.

Familiar Eyes (Wilmington)-
More of Wilmington's finest hoodlums playing pissed hardcore. Think of bands like Hatred Surge and Mammoth Grinder mixed with precise NYHC nuances.


Half-Mast (Wilmington)-
Featuring one of Wilmington's craziest, sadistic and punishing drummers this band has ex-Wall drummer Zane with new and exciting blood. Their demo is punishing and noisy, like Discordant Axis or No Comment mixed with Gore Beyond Necropsy. Get to the show on time to get your face ripped off!

Two upcoming shows!