Monday, May 30, 2011

New show list

July 30th. Stone Titan/Gowl (Ct). Wilmington Street Art House 7-9pm. Donation
August 4th Vivisect (TX), Skullstorm. Wilmington Street Art House. 7-9pm Donation
August 7th. Lebendon Toten, Nuclear Blast Suntan (Augusta), Atrophix (Raleigh), No Tomorrow, Wall. 4pm Sunday Matinee. The Soapbox. $5.
August 23rd. Bloody Phoenix (LA), Man Will Destroy Himself, Wall, No Tomorrow. The Soapbox $5.
August 24th. Trophy Wife, White Tiger and A Bed of Roses, Blacks. The Soapbox.
September 2nd. Cough, + More.
September 4th. Panikos (Greek punk), The Pallbearers (NOLA Thrash), No Tomorrow + maybe more.
September 6th. World History, Real Live Tigers, + 1. Jaffer's House.
September 19th. Ti Femme (Netherlands), Roro (Netherlands), + TR Land. Jaffer's House.
September 26th. Might Could, Skullstorm, Beard of Antlers. Reggies @ 42nd. st.
September 27th. Cross Stitched Eyes (UK/Germany deathpunk), No Tomorrow, + more.

Better late then never...