Friday, December 17, 2010

Parasytic and Contagium Feb 22nd

Both Parasytic (RVA) and Contagium (Nova Scotia) killed Wilmington this year. They return in Feb 2011. Check it-

Here are some past fliers-

Here's the schedule as of 12/17/10


Jan 2nd. Wilmington NC. TBA
Crows Foot (Florida)
Common Enemy (PA)
No Tomorrow

Jan. 5th. Greenville NC. The Tipsy Teapot- 409 Evans St # B
Car Crusher (D.E.)
No Tomorrow
Start Again
I Lie in A Giant Bucket

Jan. 9th. Wilmington NC.
Gowl (ct)
Stone Titan (ct)

Jan 15-16. Wilmington NC. 16 Taps.
Garrett Fest! $5/$8
A shitton of bands!

Jan 29th. Wilmington NC. TBA
Greenville Invades Wilmington!
The Local Systems (melodic hxc punk)
Start Again (riotous HXC)
+ more

Feb. 8th. Wilmington NC. TBA
OCCULT BLOOD (Australia)
IVENS (Australia)

Feb 20th. TBA.
Fatal (Florida)

Feb 22st. Wilmington NC. TBA
Parasytic (RVA)
Contagium (Nova Scotia)
No Tomorrow